About SpinMasters

•    Professional –

    •     We meet with our clients weeks ahead of events and get an understanding of what they are looking for and to specially tailor their needs; this goes as far as music genre, guest expectations and most importantly wedding party expectations.
    •    Wedding planning is stressful enough as it is so leave the cadence of the night to us. We create timelines that work with your event planner in order for your special night to run as smoothly as possible.
    •    We have back up equipment ready if anything unexpected occurs the day of.
    •    We believe your experience is about you and will do whatever is necessary to make your entertainment experience as stress free and perfect as possible.


•    Experienced –
    •    We have had the experience of working dozens of weddings, anniversaries and other events.
    •    We have not only had experience with formal events but have also held disc jockey positions.


•    Affordable –
    •    While most other DJ’s will cost you well over a Grand for a 5 hour night, our company doesn’t believe that is ethical. As people who have had to hire DJ’s in the past for an already expensive event, we understand what that's like and offer great low prices.
    •    The price we charge will only depend on location, hours, and the amount of set up that needs to be done.  All of which will be a reasonable price for the venue and event. Guaranteed.


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